porque el espacio no se revela desde el primer momento, si no que se descubre, porque se enriquece en cada secuencia y porque su relato no conoce final
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timber sheets test 1

Parametric model of the walls

Hi Miguel:
Carmen and Carlos told me to tell you what kind of parametric model we have to do, if possible, for the project. I have an idea so I will try to tell you.
As you know, the Project is based in a set of interconnected walls. The walls are made up of timber sheets. The design of the timber sheets depends of some parameters: visual permeability, illumination, thermal comfort considerations, and structural design.
Aim of the parametric model: With an initial Rhino 3D model of the building, the concept is to generate a parametric design of the walls/timber sheets. I could implement an internal (in grasshopper) script to define de thickness of the sheets according to some parameters. With this parametric tool, an interactive design is possible for the timber sheets according to the functional, architectonic, and structural requirements.
Perhaps is better to talk about it. If you want, we better can talk (by skype or, I am going to Madrid next week).

lago González  structural engineer member of the team

Roberto Molinos images facade parametric test, member of the team

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